The Passing Keys is a collaborative 52-week project for 2014 brought to you by Bay Area photographer Sam Breach & Seattle photographer Jake Johnson.  Alternating weekly, we aim to bring forth a visual tale of mystery and suspense that will slowly evolve over the course of the year.

Look for a new image here every Monday.


Down in the Cellar Week One by Sam Breach

Hard Times Week Two by Jake Johnson


Contemplation Week Three by Sam Breach

The Passing Keys

Termination Letter Week Four by Jake Johnson


For Safekeeping Week Five by Sam Breach

Ilford Delta 100

An End To The Madness Week Six by Jake Johnson


Seeking Guidance Week Seven By Sam Breach

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The Moment That Changed His Life Week Eight by Jake Johnson


Will This Work Week Nine by Sam Breach

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I Will Lead You From the Darkness Week Ten by Jake Johnson


Sail Away Week Eleven by Sam Breach

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The Recovery Begins Week Twelve by Jake Johnson


Pondering and Wondering Week Thirteen by Jake Johnson

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Message in a Bottle Week Fourteen by Jake Johnson

The Journey for Knowledge Begins

The Journey for Knowledge Begins Week Fifteen by Sam Breach

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Time To Map Out a Route Week Sixteen by Jake Johnson

"Shapes in the Sand"

Shapes In The Sand Week Seventeen by Sam Breach

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Where Is The Obsession Taking Me Week Eighteen by Jake Johnson

Gone Fishing

Gone Fishing Week Nineteen by Sam Breach

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Searching The Lost City Week Twenty by Jake Johnson

Let Go!

Let Go! Week Twenty One by Sam Breach

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Broken Dreams Week Twenty Two by Jake Johnson


Nightmare Week Twenty Three by Sam Breach

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We Can Rebuild It Week Twenty Four by Jake Johnson

Unwelcome Visitor

Unwelcome Visitor Week Twenty Five by Sam Breach


It Was Only Supposed To Be a One Night Stand Week Twenty Six by Jake Johnson

The Fire Escape

The Fire Escape Week Twenty Seven by Sam Breach

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She Stole More Than Just My Heart Week Twenty Eight by Jake Johnson

Quick Getaway

Quick Getaway Week Twenty Nine by Sam Breach

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Have You Seen Her and My Key? Week Thirty by Jake Johnson

"Ducking Out"

Ducking Out Week Thirty One by Sam Breach

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Caught Week Thirty Two by Jake Johnson

Hod Your Breath

Hold Your Breath Week Thirty Three by Sam Breach

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The Hiding Spot Week Thirty Four by Jake Johnson

By The Back Door

By the Back Door Week Thirty FIve by Sam Breach

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The Journey Resumes Week Thirty Six by Jake Johnson

Blinded by the Light

Blinded By The Light Week Thirty Seven by Sam Breach

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The Moment You Start To Question Things Week Thirty Eight by Jake Johnson

39_PassingKeys_Copyright_BreachJohnson2014 2048

Rapture Week Thirty Nine by Sam Breach

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Purifying My Resources Week Forty by Jake Johnson

More 'Fishmares'

More ‘Fishmares’ Week Forty One by Sam Breach

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What the Fuck Am I Doing? Week Forty Two by Jake Johnson

43_PassingKeys_Copyright_BreachJohnson2014 1024

The Apparition Week Forty Three by Sam Breach

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Waiting Out The Storm Week Forty Four by Jake Johnson

Do You Know This Man

Do You Know This Man? Week Forty Five by Sam Breach


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Giving Up. Week Fortysix by Jake Johnson

So Close and Yet So Far

So Close Yet So Far. Week Forty Seven by Sam Breach

FInally Catching My Ride. Week Forty Eight by Jake Johnson


"Looking in the Wrong Direction"

“Looking in the Wrong Direction” Week Forty Nine by Sam Breach

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“Call Me” Week Fifty by Jake Johnson


Ringing Week fifty one by Sam Breach

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Hello? Week Fifty Two by Jake Johnson